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Inspiring guilt free eating and body confidence for moms

12 Week Mom Mind Shift

Weekly Online Video Calls via Zoom

You will receive a total of 12 video sessions with me for over the next 3 months. The first call together will be 60 mins. The remaining 11 video calls will be 45 mins. Our online video sessions will be held through Zoom. See video below for directions to schedule your sessions!

Weekly Asana Check In

We will record all your goals and skills in this free online project manager. No need to email back and forth! We can stay completely organized and on task with Asana. We will use this to track your goals and progress. You will also use this to record the foods you are eating. You can use this on your desktop and via your smartphone. This is a great way to stay in contact for busy moms! You can use this whenever you get some free time. See the video below for a quick walkthrough.

Access to the client only the Body Positive Mom Facebook group

You will receive an invitation to a Facebook group with moms that have taken or currently taking my Body Positive Mom Course and Mom Mind Shift. This is a supportive community of moms all continuing to practice the skills and non-diet eating styles learned in the program.

BONUS!! You will also get access to my online My Body Positive Mom online course

You will receive a downloadable PDF copy of my Body Positive Mom 50 page workbook and online modules that gives multiple activities used to increase your body confidence, achieve food freedom and create a positive mindset.

Who Is This Class For?

This program is for moms that...

1. Have experienced weight gain and/or stretch marks after kids and want to learn how to accept body changes so you can feel more in control of your life while being a role model for your young children

2. Tired of trying diets such as detox and cleanses to lose weight and feel ashamed when they cannot follow the diet rules

3. Want to feel less pressure to look like unrealistically thin and overly photoshopped moms on Instagram.

4. Feel that weighing yourself with me once a week to change your beliefs about food and their effect on weight.

Who this program is not for...

1. You are looking for another weight loss diet such as keto, detox and cleanses.

2. You refuse to communicate via Asana project manager.

3. You feel that weekly video calls are not valuable to support your journey and provide accountability with making changes and building skills.

4. You are not willing to challenge your beliefs about food and your body by weighing yourself with me weekly or unwilling to feel uncomfortable eating foods you feel are forbidden.

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